• Weekly Statement – May 14, 2015

    Mr. Speaker, we have no shortage of very important work to attend to. This afternoon and tomorrow we will continue debating Bill C-59, economic action plan 2015 act, no. 1, to implement important measures from the spring's budget, such as the family tax cut, enhancements to the universal child care benefit and a reduction to the small business income tax. The parties across the way have made no...

  • Weekly Statement – May 7, 2015

    Mr. Speaker, I agree with the hon. member so far as his first statement is concerned, that this has been a good week for Canadians. It has been, because today the House of Commons voted on a ways and means motion and introduced a budget bill that would reduce the small business tax rate from 9% to 7%, although the NDP voted against that this morning, and it brought in a family tax cut to...

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