• Harper Government Heralds Record Legislative Productivity

    Canada’s Hard-working, Orderly and Productive Parliament passes 42 new laws in 2014 Holland Landing, Ontario (December 17, 2014)—The Government House Leader, the Honourable Peter Van Loan, made the following statement on the occasion of nine bills receiving the Royal Assent last night: “Parliament’s work for 2014 drew to a close yesterday evening when nine additional bills...

  • Weekly Statement – Week of December 11, 2014

    Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the hon. member for Burnaby—New Westminster for his last Thursday question of 2014. Before getting to the business of the House, I hope you will indulge me a couple of moments to thank everyone for their hard work this year. As I said yesterday at a press conference, Christmastime is an appropriate point in the year to reflect on the months which have just passed...

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The House of Commons is adjourned until Monday, January 26, 2015.